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We discover, create and distribute positive, high-quality children’s content that bridges online and offline in a digital world.


BabyRiki is an animated programme with content that covers all aspects of a child’s life. From physical wellbeing to cognitive and soft skills, the musical stories are based around age-appropriate experiences with educational concepts introduced in familiar surroundings and context for infants.


The KikoRiki world is a place full of adventures, real-life situations and valuable life lessons. The short episodes capture the lives and challenges of a vibrant cast of characters, who have grown up from the BabyRiki series to develop unique personalities and make new friends.


PinCode sees the KikoRiki cast all grown-up and rocking the world with their scientific superpowers. In pursuit of scientific knowledge, the team travels the universe in their unique exploration vehicle, the Umflier, which can move them in time, space, volume and dimension.


>100 awards

2 billion views on Russian Youtube

63 hours of content

468 episodes

“BabyRiki is an outstanding tool for cultivating curiosity about the world around us.”
Rebecca Ryder, Education consultant and teacher

“I am delighted to have been given the chance to take part in the development of such an interesting and valuable project. For me, as a psychologist, it’s important that the learning process doesn’t impose itself on children or put them under pressure. With BabyRiki, children can learn through fun and easy-to-understand dialogue. BabyRiki talks about subjects that are relevant and interesting to toddlers, and the short running time of each episode means that they won’t lose interest.”

Larisa Surkova, Child Psychologist

“We adore BabyRiki. For me, as a mother, it’s especially interesting to listen to the storyteller. There’s something that even I can learn from her. My little girl always starts dancing when she sees the title sequence!”