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About Fun Union

We create and distribute entertaining and educational animations for preschoolers and primary schoolers that help to develop key life skills, including communication, cooperation, creativity and critical thinking. Headquartered in Hong Kong, FUN Union has a portfolio that includes internationally celebrated and award-winning animation brands ­– KikoRiki, BabyRiki and PinCode.

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Meet the Team

Our team is united by our shared love for educational entertainment and children’s animation. Together, we are as rich a cast of characters as the Riki we represent, with skills and experiences that shape our approach.

Christine Brendle
Christine BrendleCEO
Christine steers the FUN Union ship. With over 25 years of brand-building, growth strategy and innovation experience – and more than 21 years of being a mother – she’s passionate about leveraging new technology to build communities and harness the potential of children’s edutainment.
Zijing Wu
Zijing WuChina Director
China is one of FUN Union’s key markets, and Zijing fuels the company’s creation and implementation strategies on the Mainland. With a background in media and investment, Zijing’s experiences as a journalist with international outlets and at a private-equity firm have honed her eye for authenticity. She’s passionate about delivering quality content to China to brighten the futures of the next generation.
Ilya Popov
Ilya PopovBoard Member
Ilya was instrumental in bringing together the Riki universe and FUN Union’s philosophy. As the general producer for the Riki Group and co-author of the much-loved KikoRiki series, Ilya uses his business acumen and appreciation for quality children’s content to continue to provide direction and insight to FUN Union.
Gushi Sethi
Gushi SethiHead of International Content Distribution
FUN Union has global ambitions and Gushi brings extensive knowledge of the broadcast media industry, strong understanding of the Asia-Pacific region and its cultural sensitivities, wide international experience and unwavering passion for quality content as she drives worldwide distribution.
Carina Ferreira
Carina FerreiraMarketing Director
Carina is an experienced multi-channel marketer with a background in journalism and events. Her career has spanned a range of industries including financial services, food & wine to tourism. She joins the FUN team with great energy and an eye for problem-solving.
Lily Su
Lily SuGeneral Counsel
Lily is a qualified solicitor in Hong Kong with a background in journalism and media. She joins our FUN team with a strong pragmatic sense, a deep understanding of the business, and helps us stay on the right side of the law.