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The most widely broadcast series in Russia

The KikoRiki world is a place full of adventures, real-life situations and valuable life lessons. The short episodes capture the lives and challenges of a vibrant cast of characters, who have grown up from the BabyRiki series to develop unique personalities and make new friends in different environments and settings.

  • #1 rated programme in Russia among boys and girls aged 5 to 12 years, with a daily viewership of more than 5 million children
  • 50% of parents watch the show with their children
  • KikoRiki products generated more than $500 million in retail sales between 2007 and 2010 with more than 3,500 licensed products available
  • In 2009, Forbes magazine ranked KikoRiki as the ‘most dynamic brand’ in Russia

Target audience: Primary school children

Genre: Edutainment, Comedy

3 seasons, 268 episodes in total
Seasons 1 and 2: 216 x 6-minute episodes (2D)
Season 3: 52 x 11-minute episodes (3D CGI)


In the vibrant world of KikoRiki, there’s always something to discover or an adventure to embark on. Set in a fairy-tale landscape of meadows, mountains and more, the enchanted stories of KikoRiki teach valuable lessons about cooperation, creativity, core values, self-acceptance, support and communication. The colourful cast complement one another’s unique personalities. They are never belittling or insulting, and characters accept and respect each other for who they are.

Episode structure

Every episode contains a new adventure and a finished story. Each begins with an issue, problem or question posed by a Riki. Each character approaches the situation from a different perspective to play to their strengths and help to solve the issue, problem or question.

Meet the Characters

Krash & Chiko

The life of the party, Krash is always keen to get everyone
involved. He has strong opinions and is brimming with curiosity. A true friend, Chiko balances Krash’s energy with calmness and prudence. Even though he’s shy, he loves to learn and is a real peacekeeper.

Rosa & Wally

Rosa is a true teen and just wants to be seen as a
grown-up already. A little moody, she’s always headstrong and definitely makes an impression! Wally, on the other hand, is a big thinker with a poetic soul. A sensitive romantic, he’s philosophical and contemplative.

Dokko & Barry

Civilised but absent-minded, Dokko always has time to
field questions from kids and chat about science. Quiet and conservative Barry is practical, and resolves problems with ease, wisdom and warmth.

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