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PinCode sees the KikoRiki cast all grown-up and rocking the world with their scientific superpowers. In pursuit of scientific knowledge, the team travels the universe in their unique exploration vehicle, the Umflier, which can move them in time, space, volume and dimension. From underwater troublesome fun to shrinking to the size of an atom, the crew follow Captain Pin as they learn about the world we share.

Target audience: Primary school children

Genre: Edutainment, Science

Season 1: 52 x 13-minute episodes (3D CGI)
Season 2 in production (completion by December 2017)

Episode structure

Every episode contains an important and valuable science lesson. The crew members, under the leadership of Captain Pin, explore the principles of physics, chemistry and biology while traversing the world as we know it. Each has their own unique personality and strengths, bringing humour, fun and friendship to every challenge.

Meet the Characters

Krash & Chiko

The life of the party, Krash is always keen to get everyone
involved. He has strong opinions and is brimming with curiosity. A true friend, Chiko balances Krash’s energy with calmness and prudence. Even though he’s shy, he loves to learn and is a real peacekeeper.

Rosa & Wally

Rosa is a true teen and just wants to be seen as a
grown-up already. A little moody, she’s always headstrong and definitely makes an impression! Wally, on the other hand, is a big thinker with a poetic soul. A sensitive romantic, he’s philosophical and contemplative.

Dokko & Barry

Civilised but absent-minded, Dokko always has time to
field questions from kids and chat about science. Quiet and conservative Barry is practical, and resolves problems with ease, wisdom and warmth.


An inventor and mechanical genius, Pin is full of ideas – and surprises. He finds unexpected solutions and explores the world with insatiable curiosity.
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