BabyRiki enjoys success in China

  • BabyRiki enjoys success in China with the launch of a comprehensive range of children’s dairy products, preschooler toys and a themed coffee shop

BabyRiki enjoys success in China with the launch of a comprehensive range of children’s dairy products, preschooler toys and a themed restaurant

Hong Kong, 20 Dec, 2018 – BabyRiki enjoys online and offline success in China with the launch of a comprehensive line of children’s dairy products, innovative toys for preschoolers, and a themed restaurant in Wuhan.

A comprehensive range of 6 types of BabyRiki-themed dairy products available on TMall and other retailers

Lakto, the dairy brand from Northern Europe has selected BabyRiki to launch a highly anticipated line of dairy products in mainland China. The products were launched on China’s e-commerce giant TMall to much success, with six main product types and over sixteen SKUs in the dairy category released between August and November 2018. The online momentum is further extended with retail availability. Last month, the Lakto line was launched in SPIG G-Mart in Shanghai, as well as in 7-11 stores across Eastern China. The products, which include fresh cheese, yoghurts, milk-based puddings and nutritionally-enhanced milk, will also be available in over 160 shops from the first quarter of 2019.

“We like that the BabyRiki series helps children and parents”, explains Susie Sun, Lakto Marketing Director. “Children are entertained and learn through watching episodes, while mothers can access a whole range of parenting resources to guide their child’s development. Now, the same mothers turn to the BabyRiki-themed dairy products to make a healthy choice for children’s snacks.”

The dairy snacks follow a 3-step program that is scientifically backed to support children’s different needs throughout the day: to energize, to recharge and to protect. Each product contains nourishing ingredients in portions that are well adapted to smaller stomachs. The Lakto Nutrition Plan can be followed by families through the brand’s communications, in particular on WeChat.

BabyRiki toys available in Hamleys

Earlier this month, the BabyRiki toys produced by toys manufacturer KingBee made their debut in the Hamleys Beijing Flagship Store. The toys are based on the beloved children’s animation series, which has amassed over 1.5 billion views since its launch on Mainland Chinese streaming platforms last year. BabyRiki is recognized worldwide for its creative union between entertaining stories and age-appropriate life lessons. The musical stories are introduced in familiar contexts for preschoolers and promote the (4Cs) skills that also inspired the BabyRiki toys: Communication, Creativity, Critical Thinking and Cooperation. Over thirty SKUs in the BabyRiki line are now available to purchase. Hamleys Brand Marketing Manager Yao said at the launch ceremony: “We are very pleased to be the exclusive partner for the launch of the BabyRiki toy line in China. I look forward to further collaboration between Hamleys and BabyRiki.”

After the success of the Beijing opening ceremony at Hamleys, BabyRiki will next launch in the new Hamleys HangZhou Store.

First BabyRiki-themed restaurant launched in Wuhan, China

Last month also saw the opening of the first BabyRiki-themed restaurant in Wuhan, China. This unique restaurant is over 600 square meters in size, with multiple playing areas for children to have fun while parents can relax and enjoy the delicious food on offer. The restaurant also offers regular workshops to engage parents and children. The BabyRiki-themed dairy products are also available to purchase and consume onsite.

Christine Brendle, CEO of FUN Union, comments: “For Chinese mothers, the BabyRiki franchise embodies the positive guiding principles of a well-rounded education, bringing up confident, happy and successful children in today’s world.”

About FUN Union

Headquartered in Hong Kong, FUN Union creates and distributes animation content to entertain and educate children of pre-school and primary school ages. FUN Union’s focus is on positive and uplifting cartoons that help develop key life skills, including communication, cooperation, creativity and disciplined thinking. FUN Union’s current portfolio includes award-winning animation brands BabyRiki, KikoRiki and PinCode, produced by Riki Group’s Petersburg Animation Studio. Recently added to the portfolio is Panda and Krash, an animation series co-produced between CCTV Animation, Riki-Group and FUN Union, which will launch in 2019. With a digital ecosystem leveraging technology to gather valuable insights, FUN Union believes in learning from audiences to continually improve market reach and create high quality entertaining content. For more information, visit