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BabyRiki is an animated programme with content that covers all aspects of a child’s life. From physical wellbeing to cognitive and soft skills, the musical stories are based around age-appropriate experiences with educational concepts introduced in familiar surroundings and context for infants.

BabyRiki has reached 1 billion views in since its launch on the Mainland Chinese digital platforms in July 2017.

Episodes feature a combination of live-action video and 3D animation.

Target Audience: Pre-school children

Genre: Edutainment, Musical

Season 1: 52 x 5-minute episodes (3D CGI & live-action video)
Season 2: 52 x 5-minute episodes (3D CGI & live-action video)
Season 3: in production (completion by December 2018)


BabyRiki characters are toys that have come to life in a children’s bedroom. They explore and discover their world, making friends and learning new things along the way. Storylines are simple and related to familiar things for this age group, such as eating, activities, playing, sleeping and other daily routines.

Episode structure

To help keep toddlers focused and engaged, each 5-minute episode is divided into an adventure storyline and a lesson, which is presented as a song.

Meet the Characters


A born leader, Krashy is optimistic, social, communicative and curious.


Patient, sensible and calm, Chichi is not impulsive and takes time to think things through before making decisions.


Vivacious and determined, Rosy can be a bit of a troublemaker, but no one can doubt her self-confidence.


Quiet and contemplative, Wally needs encouragement to join in. He’s sensitive, but always kind, well-intentioned and gentle towards others.


Smart, witty and cheerful, Pandy can be both a leader and a team player. Chatty and outgoing, she has a strong sense of self.
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