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BabyRiki: Krashy

About Krashy

Krashy is a little boy who cannot sit still for even a minute. He’s always up to something, whether it be running around, playing games or just simply causing havoc. When he plays too hard, he can sometimes upset the other children without realizing it – so he must remember to be mindful. Krashy is very curious, optimistic and social, seeking to be the centre of attention.

His impulsive nature can get him into trouble and oftentimes, he is not aware of the consequences of his actions. That doesn’t worry us too much as Krashy takes advice and constructive criticism with ease. His social nature intertwined with his inherent kindness makes him a natural born leader. Together with Krashy, children learn to be attentive and caring. It’s not easy for Krashy to switch his attention away from his games and focus on what is going on around him, but he’s definitely trying hard!


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