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Panda and Krash
Panda and Krash

About Panda And Krash

Panda and Krash follows the adventures of an impulsive little Rabbit and a loyal Panda, as they come to life in a toy store embarking on adventures with friends.

There’s Rori, a sensitive Robot who is afraid of everything. Lilly, a bossy bookworm, Scooter, a zippy little 4 wheeler, Racoon, a mischievous prankster, Amelia, an airplane with big dreams and Elephant, a vision in pink who tries to keep them all in check…if only she had the energy.

As the toys deal with runaway dinosaurs, alien encounters, winged intruders and many other challenges, they will come to realize that teamwork and friendship is what really matters.

Target Audience: Primary school children
Genre: Comedy
Format: 52 X 11’ 3D CGI Initial 26 episodes ready by February 2019
Co-producers: CCTV Animation, FUN Union & Riki-Group