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Our digital ecosystem empowers us with valuable insights
into viewership and audiences, informing what we create.


We learn from our viewers to evolve our content, combining timeless lessons with contemporary considerations.


We leverage technology to form effective, productive partnerships that help to actively engage our audiences.


We build an international community across the global markets we work with.

Inclusive, imaginative, impactful

FUN Union brings the Riki universe to the rest of the world. Our brands cater to a broad audience, using content and stories that transcend cultures to deliver engaging, entertaining and educational lessons.

From storylines and life lessons contributed by leading education experts, child psychologists and, most importantly, parents, to the exceptional talent of world-class animators and designers, the Riki universe is the product of a team committed to creating content with quality at its core.

Our series BabyRiki, KikoRiki and PinCode are available for distribution outside of Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), through FUN Union. For CIS countries, please visit www.riki-group.com

We also offer thematic packages, tailored to your needs. If you’d like to distribute any of our series, please get in touch.

Informed by real insights

We continue to evolve our content for international audiences. Learning from valuable insights, we build on the Riki universe by capturing new opportunities to engage with children. From fresh storylines to online games and interactive apps, we are focused on creating educational and entertaining value for a variety of touchpoints.

FUN Union welcomes opportunities for co-production and embraces a holistic approach to developing content that whole families can enjoy during their child’s critical and precious early years.

Contact us to learn more about co-production opportunities.

We understand the value of play

We work with manufacturers, producers and partners to create original toys and tools that support the development of children’s essential life skills.

Our vision for product and merchandise development spans publications, toys, co-branded health foods, lifestyle products and online games.

We are looking for new partners and licensees who share our creative vision and values to bring the Riki universe to life, both online and offline.

If you are interested in a partnership to share our brands, we’d love to hear from you.

Introduction to
the Riki Universe

Sharing the magic of the Riki universe with families around the world

The Riki Universe is a vibrant community that welcomes families time and again, to discover, learn and enjoy stories that teach valuable life skills. The series, BabyRiki, KikoRiki and PinCode, have enjoyed unprecedented success in their native market, Russia, where the characters are household names.

Celebrities and parents alike continue to sing praises for the shows and their message. Each speaks to a different age group from 2 to 10 year olds, allowing children to follow the story, and grow up and learn alongside their favourite characters. This captures an ongoing market share as the world of Riki continues to be engaging and relevant to children during these important developmental phases.

The Riki Universe is already an established success in Russia, with over 12 million users of associated website, 100 licensees and 6,000 articles in 40 product categories. Our content has been viewed over 2 billion times in Russian language.